Comic 40 - PIPEDREAMS #39

Posted on 18th Jun 2019, 8:57 PM in PIPEDREAMS
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ringor 18th Jun 2019, 8:57 PM edit delete
She immediately scoots you over to a crane machine.

LEX: You know these things are rigged.
DOTTY: Quitter's talk, these things are free if you know the math.
LEX: Bold.
DOTTY: I can grab anything on the surface for under 3 bucks.
LEX: Most of these are dollar store level.
DOTTY: Big rabbit there is Thirty at the Mall. If I can grab it without breaking the bank I win tonight and we leave to get funnel cake.
LEX: And if you don't?
DOTTY: Then I spent way too much money and I'll feel bad.
LEX: What if I grab it in less?
DOTTY: You won't!
LEX:... Fair enough! Let me see your "free win."