Comic 26 - PIPEDREAMS #26

Posted on 13th Apr 2019, 8:25 PM in PIPEDREAMS
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ringor 13th Apr 2019, 8:25 PM edit delete
LEX: They still got Arc Caste 2?
DOTTY: Seems like it, plugged in and all.
LEX: I thought they retired these from arcade chains?
DOTTY: It's a bit of a fan favorite . They're releasing a version that has a live play scene, but popular demand keeps this one around.
LEX: It's weird to think it's nostalgic....
DOTTY: Four years isn't that long, Lex. People wait longer for things.
LEX: For a game?
DOTTY: Some people are still waiting. Gotta wonder how long though... 5 years? 13 years?
LEX: 13 years is crazy, I'd give up by then.

You feel an urge to play now.

LEX: ... so, um...

You make a face at your friend.

DOTTY: I got quarters.